Dog Owner??

This morning my husband and I traveled up to Rumford for a basketball tournament that our soon to be 30 year old daughter is playing in for the day. We wanted to assist her husband in taking care of her two little boys while their mommy played. Her team… Corn N Oats won the first game and then we didn’t have another game until 1:00pm. Going home was not an option so we decided to go to downtown Mexico to Dick’s Diner to eat.

Coming out after having breakfast, I sat down in the passenger seat of our car. I noticed a man being rough with a dog (skinny). I started opening my car door to holler at the man and my husband yelled “no, if you didn’t like that you should have seen him a minute ago with the dog!” I was so angry with what I saw. He yanked the dog by the collar that he was dangling beside him. He did that a few times. The man walked away with the dog, yanking him into the apartment. I seriously wanted to throw up. My husband continued to drive to do a U-Turn to head back to the gym.

As we were heading back to the gym, we went past Dick’s Diner again. All of a sudden, that same guy came out of the apartment with another dog doing the same thing. I yelled to my husband to pull over. He told me this happens all around the world and I couldn’t help every dog.

Here I am at 2:30 in the gym and all I can think about are those two dogs! I bet they get put right into crates once in the apartment! I want to knock on that apartment door and offer him money for his dogs. I think he would sell them with the way he was treating them.

What do I do? Just go about my business watching my daughter in her basketball tournament and do nothing? Do I call Animal Control to report what I saw? Do I knock on his door and offer some money? What would you do?

5 thoughts on “Dog Owner??

  1. Oh man! This was hard to read — and you had to watch it first hand! My family always “yells” at me because I can’t help but interfere when I see cruelty like this — but sometimes I don’t intervene, for whatever reason, and then I feel so bad. I don’t know what I’d do. .. Maybe call Animal control… but often there isn’t anything they can do. I might be scared about knocking on the door. People who treat animals like that can’t always be trusted to be kind to strangers knocking on their door.

  2. This breaks my heart. I know you are the kind of person who would try to do what is best for those animals, but that person had such disregard for basic kindness and seemed to have no sense of right or wrong…I worry how he might have reacted to your best intentions. He doesn’t seem to have any remorse for cruelty. I wouldn’t approach them directly, but make sure authorities are aware and at least begin (or add to if others already have) the process of documenting this behavior with official reports. It can often take a pattern of behavior before authorities can act. Heartbreaking!

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