Sunday Ritual?

Our youngest son Walker lives with us with his wife Ginger and their two children Carter and Ariana. Our oldest son Wade bought a house right next to ours a year ago. Around 9 am, Carter and Ariana knocked on our bedroom door saying,” MoMo and Poppa wake up. We are going shopping for our first cookout of the year!”

We got dressed and then Ginger told us Wade and his girlfriend Alexis were coming over for lunch along with a few of their best friends. They went off to shop for the food and my husband and I started picking up the house. It was a little messier than usual because I had conferences Mon. – Thurs. this week until 6 pm.

At one point in the morning, Ginger, Alexis and my husband were all cleaning with me. It was wonderful to have them helping. We were able to clean out the den room that had the door going out to the grill. We organized all the outdoor winter clothing, the grilling items and and extra drinks we keep on shelves!!

Lunch consisted of steak, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, 2 pasta salads, pickles and corn on the cob. There were 11 people sitting around the table eating lunch. The men did the grilling while the women did the cleaning and set the table. Ginger asked, Can we make this a Sunday ritual?” I told her as long as some cleaning happens first then I am all for it! Everyone agreed! The other adults are all out four wheeling while my husband and I are hanging with Carter and Ariana! What a wonderful Sunday.

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