First Workout since May 8, 2018

I had my first FREE visit at GoZone Fitness today. I have not worked out since I broke my collarbone on May 8, 2018 while playing in a co-ed softball game with my two sons. The very first time in the outfield I was chasing a high fly and went into a pothole. I went tumbling down on the ground. I tore my hamstring and then landed on my right collarbone. I had to have surgery to put a plate in along with pins. It was by far the worst surgery I have ever had. It took me forever to recover.

The GoZone workout lasted for 55 minutes. I used a sensor belt to keep track of my cardio targets for an effective workout. Every 5 minutes I switched from cardio to strength training. I used The Landice Elliptimill along with a rower machine. I lifted weights while doing lunges, I did push ups and squats. I did things I have not done in many years. Up on the big screen was all the participants heart rate. Everyone could see if you were challenging yourself. Of course, I made sure that my numbers looked good for the first time.

At the end of the workout, one of the workers explained to me about what it would cost to join GoZone. I listened and then told her I was ready for another FREE class. They offered me a FREE week so I am going to take advantage of it before making a decision to join or not. The cost for a month is pricey! It was the best workout I have had since playing professional basketball in Germany.
I slowly walked out to my car and sat down exhausted. I could not drive yet. Within a minute, I was throwing up (sorry guys for saying this)! I have never worked out so hard to throw up! I was challenged to the max for sure! Some people would walk away and say that workout was not for them but not me!! I want the challenge of getting into shape so I never throw up again.

It was the best workout I have had in a very long time! I can’t push myself like that in my basement with my equipment. I need others to help motivate me…GoZone might be the right place for me even though it is pricey! Do I join for the pricey cost?

5 thoughts on “First Workout since May 8, 2018

  1. GoZone sounds a like like Orange Theory! I too loved my Orange Theory free trial class, but it’s too pricey of a membership for me… and small world as I know of one person who plays professional basketball and he plays in Germany. Did you play recently there? Like in the last 5 years!?

    • I need to be held accountable with heart monitor sensor then everyone in group can see if I’m not working hard enough. I think I’m talking myself into doing it, at least for a little while.

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