Gray or Color?

I am 55 years old and take after my mother with my hair. My roots are all gray. I have to color my hair every 5 weeks to hide the gray. Do I continue to color my hair or let it go gray?

I pay over a $100 to get my hair colored. That is a lot of money every 5 weeks. Right now I can’t put my hair up or wear a barrette because then my gray shows on the sides of my head. I feel so much older with the gray showing but I would love to use that money for my membership to GoZone Fitness which will help me more in the long run.

I do see women and men who have gray/silver hair and they look great. It is the in between stage that does not look good. I am not sure what I will be doing yet with my hair. Any suggestions??

Here is a photo of my hair from today after my great workout!!

6 thoughts on “Gray or Color?

  1. Today I went and got my hair colored – I recently switched from highlights to full color. I wonder if your hairdresser has some ideas… maybe highlights or lowlights or a different base color? They are so creative. Best wishes!

  2. I’ve been full-on grey for most of my adult life. I knew when I first started noticing the flecks that I would never be able to sustain coloring my hair, so I’ve just rolled with it. A few folks have thought that I was my kids’ grandmother, but mostly I get compliments…the bright blue streak in the back, though, is a whole other story!

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