Improvisional Theater

I attended a session today on worst case scenarios based on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) presented by Marti Stevens Improvisational Theater.

The four actors put on two scenarios for us. I will write about the first scenario. It was called Its Our Lives Your Talking About. It was about a young girl in high school with PTSD and how she reacted during a school lockdown drill. Her dad was picking her up for an appointment and was very mad with the school that they traumatized his daughter with the lockdown procedure. He asked for a meeting right away. The only staff that attended were the school security officer who works at three different schools so does not know the student and one of the school guidance counselors. The guidance counselor only works with students with last names A-H so didn’t know that student. They knew nothing about this student’s needs. They were putting the blame on the student. The student said it would have been nice to have been warned a day or two before the Lockdown so she could have prepared herself for it. When the counselor finally asked the student why she reacted like she did, she said it was because she saw a police officer in the hallway and that was the police officer who had raped her years ago. Hearing the loud noise of the bell and seeing the officer triggered her to have a screaming fit.

The audience was then able to ask questions to the actors on why they did things the way they did during the scenario. It was an eye opener for sure. We need to make sure all students have someone at the school who has established a relationship with the student and knows what triggers their behaviors.

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