Substitute for Literacy Conference

I am going to a Literacy Conference tomorrow paid for by Kennebec Savings Bank. Sometimes I wonder why I sign up for them because I hate leaving my students for the day.

I have one of the best subs in our district so that gives me some peace of mind. I worry my kids will try and tell her they can do things they are not supposed to do. Six-seven year olds have a way to convince subs that Mrs. Cooper lets us do it this way.

The last time I was out, I had a different sub, our classroom was left a mess. It was like my students didn’t know how to pick up after their activities. We role played today on what the day will look like with a sub tomorrow and my expectations. I am hoping when I go back on Friday, the classroom is picked up and I have a good note left from my sub.

I left easier work so the sub doesn’t have to teach anything new. We are learning about mammals right now, which the students love so the activities will be fun for the students. It is so much harder to be out of the classroom when it comes to writing up sub plans. 9 pages of typed notes and I think she should have more than enough things to do!!

One thought on “Substitute for Literacy Conference

  1. Ah, yes, you capture my feelings about leaving and having a sub so well! Nine typed pages- so much work, just to not be there. Role playing with the kids was a great idea. Hope your conference is brilliant, so it was all worth while.

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