Best Workouts!

I have attended four free workouts at GoZone Fitness this week. They are the most challenging workouts I have ever done in my life. Even though it is very pricey, I am going to join because I believe I will be able to get in the best shape of my life by being a member.

I am going again tomorrow at 7 am. So far, I have done 2 days of a power, an endurance and an agility workout. Seeing my heart rate up on the big screen with yellow, light green, dark green and red for everyone in class to see puts some pressure on me to perform. The goal is to keep my heart rate within the dark green and red colors most of the time. They have a trainer that shows us how to do the exercises and motivates us speaking through a headset microphone while music is playing in the background, They walk around from person to person making sure our form is correct so we don’t get hurt.

A co-worker introduced me to GoZone Fitness and I am so thankful she did. I am looking forward to getting into the best shape of my life and GoZone Fitness is the place to help me achieve my goal!

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