Sleep Number Bed

About three years ago we invested in a Sleep Number bed. I heard so many wonderful things about them. Since we are in a bed 1/3 of our lives, we finally decided to buy one of the best beds on the market. We paid $5,200 for the bed and sheets.

We bought the California King Split Flex Fit bed that both sides can raise or lower the head or feet with a push of a button. We can each Control the firmness of the mattress too. Their are two negatives: each side is only an XL Twin Long and there is a gap in the middle of both mattresses. I have lost remotes,, my phone and books down in the gap. Even though it is a California King bed we have to buy twin xl sheets for the two mattresses.

Their sheets are pricey but well worth the price. I love that they have an extra strap on each corner of the fitted sheets so the corners do not come off.

I would not but this particular bed again because of the price, the space we lose with the gap in the middle. It is a very comfortable bed though.

Our bed looks like this one.

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