Thank You!

I came back from vacation to find a package at school for me. I had no idea what was in it. When I opened the box, I found a jar full of Hershey chocolates! Yum! I looked at the receipt and thought someone had ordered the chocolates using my card. I called Hershey chocolates and they told me it was a gift. They encouraged me to call the phone number on the receipt! When I called, I got voicemail so I left a message asking if they made a mistake sending the chocolates to my address. Aileen Hower called me back and left me a voicemail saying I had won a prize for Slicing the month of March! Wohoo! Now, I could finally open the jar and dig in! Thank you Aileen for the gift!!! Most of the chocolates are gone!!!


Thank you! 

I am so glad a few of my co workers did the Slice of Life challenge because it made it fun to get to know them and we were able to give ideas to each other. Thank you for this experience TWT!

Fun Fridays 2

I had to continue my fun Friday slice because I only sliced half of my day. After lunch and recess the students come into the classroom and put their outside things away. They immediately work together with others at their table to clean it off for computer time. They move their pencil bags and morning baskets to the classroom benches. I walk around with a wipe for each one to wipe down their own space before using the computer. They then dry their space with windshield wipers (their arms going back and forth without touching the table!) They love doing that! They put their headphones at their table and then meet me at the Smartboard area! Most of the time our routine is:

  • 15 minutes of Listening to Reading (Epic, Tumblebooks or Book Flix)
  • 15 minutes of math time (IXL, Happy Numbers or Moby Max)
  • 15 minutes of Brain Pop Jr activity that is always curriculum related (Ex: Science…Space)
  • 10 minutes of a quick write on (they love to print their quick write so they can illustrate it and take it home)
  • 5-10 minutes of FREE choice (They love Teach Your Monster to Read, or PBS kids)

They then clean up to get ready for Drawing Workshop. We do Writing Workshop Monday-Thursday so Fridays are a great time for them to be creative with their drawing! Some ask for Art for kids Hub . This year my students have done Johnny Appleseed, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, a snowman, The Cat in the Hat, and a bald eagle.

Fun Fridays are for the students to have choices because I structure their Mondays-Thursdays with things I want them to do! Kids love to have choices! I do individual assessments on Fridays also during these activities! Fridays are the best day of the week for me!

Fun Fridays 1

I always look forward to my FUN Fridays at school because our routines are different from Monday-Thursday. Here are some of the things the students get to do:

On Fridays they get to choose where they sit in the room when at our whole group meetings. Usually, I have half of the class sit on benches/yoga balls/stools and the other half sit on scoop rockers on the mat (Even and Odd numbers).  They love being able to choose who they sit next to and where they sit. They know that if I hear any arguing about where they are sitting then I go right back to the assigned seating. Most of the time they are good with choosing with no arguing!


Fidget Toys

On Fridays they get to have a bigger fidget toy right at the table and use it when they need it. All of them have a boink in their pencil bag that they use Monday-Thursday but on Fridays they have bendy men, rice balls, play dough, squishy balls…etc to choose from! They love being able to choose which one they want to use!



On Fridays they have Flashlight reading. They get to read their Scholastic news using a flashlight and get to lay/sit anywhere in the room with a partner! They love it when I turn the lights off!

On Fridays they have Fluency time with songs and poems! They have a binder with different songs/poems and can practice reading/singing with a partner or by themself. I walk around and listen to what it sounds like. I then share the classroom microphones with those that want to sing/read in front of the class. Most of the students want to share!


Class microphones

On Fridays they get to shop in our classroom store! They earn play money during the week for things they do in the classroom. It is a great way for them to be rewarded for being safe, responsible and respectful! They get to count their money with a volunteer and shop for trinkets in the store. There are items like bouncy balls, bracelets, rings, toy cars, individual packs of snack items (low-income school so I have many that love to buy the snacks), mini writing notebooks, pens and several other items!


Cooper Class Store

                                                I will continue this slice tomorrow!!!

                                                                          Fun Fridays 2

Family 2 (PETS)

I believe in my last slice I left off on describing Cole my Labradoodle!

Cole … He will be years old on April 15th. Our second pet! My sister knew of someone who wanted to sell a labradoodle puppy! 9 years later and he is a favorite in the house! Cole has had 3 really big surgeries. He tore his ACL on both knees. The first knee that got repaired was done by a local vet. He never was able to use it right so I pursued a second opinion from an orthopedic vet. Cole had both knees done within one year. His procedure was called…Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO), involves making a curved cut (domed osteotomy) in the tibia, rotating the top (plateau) to a more ‘level’ position and stabilizing the rotation with a specially designed plate and screws.  This is a force neutralization procedure and does not stabilize the knee in the same way as Extracapsular Stabilization.  The return to function is generally quicker with TPLO, with slower progression of osteoarthritis. The first surgery from the local vet cost around $2100. The two surgeries from the orthopedic doctor cost over $4000 each. I never thought I would spend over $10,000 on a pet!!!

Izzy (Princess was her name when I was dog sitting for her)…Izzy was not planned. Back in 2008 my daughter’s high school friend asked me if I could dog sit for her. She then told me her father did not want the dog back in the house and she needed to find a home for her. All of us kept asking people if they wanted a schnoodle. We had no luck finding a different home for her. After a couple of weeks, I told her we would keep her. She is now my dog! We decided her name would be Izzy because we did not like Princess. Izzy is the top dog in the house. She has some control issues and wants me all to herself. When I walk in the door she tries to always be first to greet me.

Joe...the kitten we got from the soccer game. Our first pet! He loves to be outdoors. He really should have been a barn cat. He finds mice all the time. Within the first year of having him he did not come home for 3 days. We looked everywhere for him and could not find him. Then he showed up at the door. He had been hit by a car.  He had to have surgery and cost us over $1000.

We have other pets in the home too. Two cats (Ralph and Olpe) live upstairs with my son and his girlfriend, one rabbit (Bun Bun) and another dog (Edward) who hangs out with my two dogs. Then there is Camden who hangs out with Edward and the other dogs. She belongs to my niece Kaylee who lives in the RV in driveway. She has two cats ( I feed them on weekends when she goes away… Jack and Soleil).

FAMILY…Where life begins and love never ends!

bruce on motorcycle

Bruce…my husband of 30 years, my best friend, the father to our three kids, teacher, coach and grandfather! He loves being on a motorcycle and traveling! He is patient, caring, loving, responsible and is the rock for our family.

cass todd milesCassandra…my only daughter, wife of Todd, mother of Miles, full-time business woman, homeowner, mother of 3 furry dogs (Noah, Simba and Reese). She is beautiful, outgoing, tall, caring, athletic, holistic, goal oriented and smart!

wade becca and dolly

Wade, Becca and Dolly!

sadie and dolly

Sadie and Dolly!

Wade…my oldest son, boyfriend to Becca, father of 2 furry dogs (Dolly and Sadie), homeowner, works with adults with disabilities, handsome, tall, easy-going, kind, tall, helpful, and thoughtful.

walk ging car and ariWalker…my youngest son, boyfriend to Ginger, father of Ariana, daddy figure for Carter, father of one dog, 2 cats and a rabbit,
hard-working, student of heating and air conditioning, anxious, tall, truck owner, and athletic.

gramLorene…my mother in law, grandmother to my kids, lives with us, 85 years old, loving, sweet, friendly, strong, welcoming, supportive, and thankful.

kaylee and devin

Kaylee and Devin!

Kaylee…my niece, girlfriend to Devin, lives in RV in my driveway (lost her father to cancer recently so hanging with us), chiropractor, mother to one dog and two cats, and loves learning new things!

cole izzy and me 2

Cole and Izzy with me!

JoeCole, Izzy and Joe…they are our pets! I am allergic to animals and was able to hold off having pets while the children were younger. When my youngest son was in 8th grade he scored a hat trick in soccer and convinced me to take a kitten home from the soccer field. A woman brought a whole litter of kittens to the game and was giving them away. Shame on her! I agreed to take the kitten home to see how she was with my allergies (we thought she was a she). I made sure to take the ladies phone number just in case I needed to give her back.  I ended up going through 5 years of allergy shots for my youngest son so he could have a cat! I am now on two other meds…singular and generic zyrtec just so we can have pets! I then researched hypoallergenic dogs! The labradoodle came up…to be continued on tomorrow’s post!!!