Sunday Ritual?

Our youngest son Walker lives with us with his wife Ginger and their two children Carter and Ariana. Our oldest son Wade bought a house right next to ours a year ago. Around 9 am, Carter and Ariana knocked on our bedroom door saying,” MoMo and Poppa wake up. We are going shopping for our first cookout of the year!”

We got dressed and then Ginger told us Wade and his girlfriend Alexis were coming over for lunch along with a few of their best friends. They went off to shop for the food and my husband and I started picking up the house. It was a little messier than usual because I had conferences Mon. – Thurs. this week until 6 pm.

At one point in the morning, Ginger, Alexis and my husband were all cleaning with me. It was wonderful to have them helping. We were able to clean out the den room that had the door going out to the grill. We organized all the outdoor winter clothing, the grilling items and and extra drinks we keep on shelves!!

Lunch consisted of steak, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, 2 pasta salads, pickles and corn on the cob. There were 11 people sitting around the table eating lunch. The men did the grilling while the women did the cleaning and set the table. Ginger asked, Can we make this a Sunday ritual?” I told her as long as some cleaning happens first then I am all for it! Everyone agreed! The other adults are all out four wheeling while my husband and I are hanging with Carter and Ariana! What a wonderful Sunday.


Dog Owner??

This morning my husband and I traveled up to Rumford for a basketball tournament that our soon to be 30 year old daughter is playing in for the day. We wanted to assist her husband in taking care of her two little boys while their mommy played. Her team… Corn N Oats won the first game and then we didn’t have another game until 1:00pm. Going home was not an option so we decided to go to downtown Mexico to Dick’s Diner to eat.

Coming out after having breakfast, I sat down in the passenger seat of our car. I noticed a man being rough with a dog (skinny). I started opening my car door to holler at the man and my husband yelled “no, if you didn’t like that you should have seen him a minute ago with the dog!” I was so angry with what I saw. He yanked the dog by the collar that he was dangling beside him. He did that a few times. The man walked away with the dog, yanking him into the apartment. I seriously wanted to throw up. My husband continued to drive to do a U-Turn to head back to the gym.

As we were heading back to the gym, we went past Dick’s Diner again. All of a sudden, that same guy came out of the apartment with another dog doing the same thing. I yelled to my husband to pull over. He told me this happens all around the world and I couldn’t help every dog.

Here I am at 2:30 in the gym and all I can think about are those two dogs! I bet they get put right into crates once in the apartment! I want to knock on that apartment door and offer him money for his dogs. I think he would sell them with the way he was treating them.

What do I do? Just go about my business watching my daughter in her basketball tournament and do nothing? Do I call Animal Control to report what I saw? Do I knock on his door and offer some money? What would you do?

Flavored Water

There are six teachers in my school that are trying out flavored water in the classroom to encourage students to drink more water. It is a part of out 5201 Program to encourage healthy habits at school. So far, the students have tried cucumber, strawberry, blueberry and orange flavored water. It has been a huge success in my classroom!

We use disposable mini cups with the students classroom numbers on them so they wont be wasteful. Every day but one they have finished the whole pitcher full. One day I had to fill it back up at lunch.

Today when the students walked into the classroom, they noticed I had not filled the pitcher. They were all disappointed. They let me know they drink more water and asked me to please fill it. Within a few minutes, I had the pitcher filled and students drinking it! I would recommend to anyone who does not have a good water faucet in their classroom to try adding a pitcher!


Spring Conferences are finally over for the week! The fall conferences happen in October and I was still getting to know my students. The spring conferences are student directed so it is much easier for me!

I had to take a lot of small group time to role play exactly what and how each student would share their growth from the fall to now. Some of the things they shared were:

  • Self Reflection Form
  • Reading Passage at their level
  • HFW progress
  • Math Assessments/Current math game
  • Writing Samples…including a published book
  • Art Work
  • 2 things they are good at/ 2 things they are working on

I was amazed how honest my students were in sharing their Self-Reflections! When I asked one student why she colored a happy face and a straight face for Listening when the teacher is talking, she replied,”Remember that time I heard Nova sneeze, I said bless you? I was talking while you were talking!”

I really do love listening to my students share their own work with their families. I’m able see just how much they really did grow academically, socially and emotionally!! 32 years of teaching and I still love teaching six and seven year olds( they teach me a lot also)!

Car vs Truck

I have been driving a red Chevy Volt for the last three years. I only need to put gas in when I travel out of town. Having an electric car has saved me a lot of money.

My husband and I are considering getting a fifth wheel so we will need a truck. I know trucks are gas guzzlers so it will be hard to go from purchasing gas once in awhile to weekly!

What is a good truck for hauling a lot of weight? Is there one that is better on gas than others? Do we go with a hybrid model? I love the idea of having a truck because they are better during the winter traveling.

They Call Me MoMo

Giving and receiving hugs
RV trips together
Ariana is the only girl
Never ending fun
Drawing together
Carter is the oldest
Hanging out reading
Imaginary play
Luca is the youngest
Day trips to parks
Routines are a must
Energetic little people
Nothing better than being a MoMo

It is wonderful being a grandparent…. I want to spend all my free time doing things with them! Seeing my children parent makes me so proud!

Great Nephew Loves Nail Polish

I have a four year old great nephew who loves playing with barbies, wearing nail polish, dressing up as princesses and enjoys dancing. His mother wants him to do what makes him happy so she buys some of those things for him. His father wants him to play football, play with trucks and wear nothing but boy colored clothing. There is some tension between the two on how they should raise their little boy!

When I went to his fourth birthday party, his mom had a list of items he would like for gifts. Everything on the list were items the father wanted him to have. The list did not seem like they were things my great nephew wanted.

I want him to be happy playing with what he wants to play with, wear the things he wants to wear and do the activities that make him happy. Should I chat with my niece regarding this or keep my thoughts to myself? What would you do??