Checking Blogging Stats!

I was checking to make sure I had blogged every day in March and saw on my site that I was missing March 22nd. How was that so? I sat down every morning or night to make sure. I had plenty of drafts but just didn’t publish one on the 22nd. I am making up for it right now with this post.

Conferences happened last week so making sure I posted it correctly did not happen. I did blog but just did not Publish it. Sometimes I do get confused on whether it posted or not.

My topics have been about family, pets, friends, school and diets! My thoughts are always so scattered. It must be because life is always so busy! I actually enjoy being able to stop and reflect about the things that happen in my life! Thank you Jenna and Paula for encouraging me to do this again!!


Mr. Riley


#1 Volunteer Mr. Riley

The morning started out different than we had planned! Our son Walker asked my husband to go look at modular homes with him from 9:00-11:00. We had made plans to donate blood at 10:30. I was able to push our blood donation time back an extra hour. I had made plans to go visit Mr. Riley (my #1 volunteer of all time) between 1-2.

We made it to give blood but they were behind by an hour. They were using a new Blood Mobile bus and they only had 3 people working. Our son Walker had decided to come give blood with us. We were at the Harley shop waiting for them to call our names to donate blood. We got there at 12:00 and ended up starting to give blood after 1:00. Walker finished giving blood around 3:00.

My husband and I took off to visit Mr. Riley. The GPS said 38 minutes to get to where he lived. Well, we took one wrong turn and ended up 20 minutes away from where we should have been. We backtracked and ended up figuring out what we had done. We finally made it to see him at 4:30. He was very happy to see us.

Mr. Riley seemed very depressed. He talked about missing his home and the things he use to do. He mentioned several times that he was just wasting time until it is his time to die. My heart was broken. I let him know that my husband and I have the summer off. We would love to bring him to his home for a week or two so he could spend time. He said it would be to depressing because he wouldn’t be able to do what he use to do. I just wanted to give him some peace. I didn’t know what to say or do to help him. Both of his adult children live out of state. He does not get to see them often. I wanted to ask him why he doesn’t move closer to where one of them lives. He needs company more often. Especially his children. My mother- in law -lives with us and I can’t imagine just leaving her sitting in a room by herself with strangers taking care of her. How can I help him? He volunteered in my classroom from 1990-2017 three days per week. He drove the 40 minutes three times a week. Why am I not doing more? I struggle with this all the time! He even talked with me about what his wishes were for his death. He has orders of only Palliative Care which means to focus improving his quality of life. He was concerned that because  they gave him an iron infusion that it goes against his Palliative Care Instructions. I told him I would check it out for him.

He mentioned his favorite place to eat lunch (Narrows Tavern). I told him my husband and I would go there for dinner after we leave him. That was a happy place for him so I wanted to be able to have a conversation with him about it.  We loved our meals. I called from the tavern to let him know our thoughts. He was very happy that we loved it. It was great to be able to chat with him about it! I really need to visit more often to help bring his spirits up!


Weekends are the best! I get to spend time with family! This morning my son and husband went to check out modular homes so I have Ariana (my granddaughter) for the morning.                                                                                                                                                                                       0324180920a1876533415.jpg

I tried doing her hair in pigtail but with her being very active at 18 months old they did not come out even. She still is so adorable! She loves toast and blueberries for breakfast. What a great way to start my Saturday!

My husband and I are going to donate blood this afternoon. We do this as often as they allow us! He has donated over 5 gallons and I have done over 1 gallon. I have only been donating consistently for the last few years. I wish I had started earlier in my life but things got in the way. I do make it a priority now!

After we give blood we are going to visit Mr. Riley, who use to volunteer in my classroom. He volunteered from about 1990 until just last year every M, W and F. He can no longer drive so his children put him in an Assisted Living place about 40 minutes away from me. Whenever I call him, he always sounds so depressed. I wish I visited him more often. He did volunteer for so many years for me! How can I make it happen more often?

I am so glad I have weekends where I can do what I want! My Sundays are for staying in PJ’s and doing nothing but cooking, cleaning, reading, lesson plans and visiting with family!! Weekends are the best!

Chizzle Wizzle



Past interlocutor for Chizzle Wizzle

Here it is Friday night and I am having trouble thinking about what to blog about. Since I just got back from going out with my husband, I will write about what we did.  We went to Chizzle Wizzle which is the nation’s oldest student variety show here in Augusta. This was the 127th year of the show. It is a must see show if you live in the Augusta area. Every year we have attended the show. Both my husband and I teach in the district so it is rewarding for us to see our past students up on stage. My husband was the interlocutor a few years ago for the show. He had a lot of fun being apart of it.

One of my past students did a solo, two did some dancing, one was the stage manager and there were several other students who participated in the chorus. The Variety show allowed students in grades 9-12 from all different disciplines to perform – from singing to playing music to acting.

My husband and I had a great time watching some of our past students perform. What a great way to spend Friday night!


I had every intention of having Student Led Conferences but with two snow days, an Early Release and a workshop day, my students did not have time to role- play what they needed to do. Only half of my parents brought their child with them to the conference. I blame myself for that percentage. Usually we have had so much time to practice that the students make sure their parents know they need to be there. I am exhausted from doing 18 conferences this week. 4 parents did not come for their slot they were signed up for. I didn’t end up leaving school today until 7:30 pm. What a long day!

The students that did come with their parents were able to share samples of their work. They also had shared one thing they do very well and one thing they are working on. I am amazed how honest my students were. They also shared a self-reflection they did on behavioral expectations. For each question, they could color in red for No, I’m not doing this. Yellow, I could be doing better at this. Green, I do this all the time. Many of the students gave themselves yellow or red and explained why they thought they were that color. They were so honest!

I am so glad the conferences are over! Now time to really think about what the third trimester will look like. How will I fit everything in I have not taught yet? One day at a time for sure! Only 56 school days left. Only 1/3 of the school year is left. Where did the time go?


Our 18 month old granddaughter is so adorable. She always makes us smile. She can sit with Poppa or I for over an hour just listening to books. She can tell us what will happen next even before we turn the page! Her mom, dad (our son) and brother live with us too. They use to come downstairs by 7:00 am so Carter (our 6-year-old grandson) can eat breakfast and finish getting ready for 1st grade. They wait until 7:30 so I can’t see them before work. I loved starting my morning off by visiting with them for 15-20 minutes before leaving.

When I get home from work she comes running up to me and says, ” MoMo”. That is my grandmother name since my nickname was Mo when I was younger. I taught her at a young age how to sign for things she wanted. She signs yes, no, please, Thank you, Your welcome, more, bathroom, and popcorn.

I love how she speaks up to her brother when she doesn’t like what he is doing. She puts her hand up in front of him and says “top!” which means stop! Her body language is so adorable. I love spending my free time with her. She entertains me all the time.

Inside My Backpack

For the past few years, I have I carried a purple LL Bean backpack to and from school every day. I always have my school Chrome laptop in it because I hate using the BIG case that came with the it! There are nights I do school work on it and there are nights it does not move from my backpack.

Other things inside my backpack include pens, hand lotion, sanitizer, lip gloss, perfume, tissues, band aids, a copy of a blank report card,  a new book called Fostering Resilient Learners – Strategies for Creating a Trauma – Sensitive Classroom (for a book study), water, mittens, a hat, an extra pair of glasses, trinkets for my classroom store, my classroom keys, an extra lanyard, small bottle of lavender and a mini notebook for notes.

Why do I carry all those things in my backpack? I don’t really use most of them. I think I have the things in there just in case I may need them. Do you have things in your to and from school bag that you don’t really need? What kind of bag do you carry to and from school. I have considered purchasing a Thirty One bag but love having a backpack type bag! Do I really need a bigger bag for school things? Stop and look in your bag today…what do you have it it?