Dinner (Keto)

I was successful doing a Keto diet for over a year now and for the past month or so I have been craving sugar and processed foods. I have no idea why I am going against everything I have read!

Most weekdays I fast until around noon or 3 pm. I usually eat some almonds and macadamia nuts as a snack to break my fast. For dinner tonight, I made my husband and I some eggs, bacon, green olives and ruby kraut! It was delicious!

When I stay below 20 carbs in a day, I feel so much better. I have energy and rarely think about food. When I eat over 20 carbs in a day, I have less energy and crave sugar snacks like Girl Scout cookies!

I am hoping that I am back on track with my Keto diet because it gives me more energy and I feel great about my food choices! Have you ever tried a Keto Diet? If so, what is your favorite food to eat?


Here I am on this snowy Sunday afternoon sitting in my bedroom watching Lifetime movies. I am surrounded by winter clothes. Do I start to pack them away for next year and bring out the spring clothes or do I wait another month?

I have so many clothes in three sizes…6,8 & 10’s! I am currently wearing 8’s but when I really watch my carb and sugar intake I can wear the 6’s. The 10’s are still around just in case I need them! Years ago, I watched an Oprah show that said we should get rid of the big sizes in our closet but I can’t do it. I have spent so much money on them.

I decided to wait a month to take out my spring clothes and continue to wear my winter clothes… until April vacation that is! Should I get rid of my 10’s? What would you do?

Dogs Continued

Once we gave Sami to a teacher friend, I did some research on what dogs are hypoallergenic and non-shedding just in case we wanted to rescue another dog.

I was visiting my sister one day in July of 2008. She mentioned to me that her friend was trying to find homes for her Labradoodle puppies and we should go check them out. There were five little Labradoodle puppies in a pen in the garage. I fell in love with one of them. His name was Jake.

I immediately called my husband and told him I was bringing home a new puppy. He didn’t want another dog but I did. He kept saying our lives were too busy for a new puppy with our active three teenagers. He gave the phone to my mother in law who lives with us. She said, ” if you bring home a puppy, I will have to move back to my house!” She told me she does not like dogs!

I decided to bring Jake home with me! I had to stop at the Pet Store to get all the things a puppy needed. When I got home, my husband and mother in law were sitting on the front porch. I brought the puppy to them. They both just nodded their heads like they couldn’t believe I did that. I assured them Jake was hypoallergenic and non- shedding and one of the best family dogs! We decided to change Jake’s name to Cole because we had a nephew named Jake.

Cole will be 11 years old on April 15th! He is a shedding dog and is not hypoallergenic like what I thought! I did go through five years of allergy shots and take 2 allergy pills a day to have animals in our house! I have a Schnauzer (my daughter’s best friend in 2008 had to find a home for her) and an orange tabby cat(my son got at as a kitten at a jr high soccer game in 2006 after he scored three goals) we actually have four dogs, 3 cats and a bunny living in our house right now(my son and his family own the other pets living with us). I love having pets!!

Cole our Labradoodle! Izzy our Schnauzer!


When my husband and I bought our first home, I couldn’t wait to go get a dog. Someone needed a home for an English Sheep dog so we decided to take her. I had to give her back just one week after getting her because I was allergic to her. I felt so bad about returning her.

17 years later , when our youngest son Walker was 12, he volunteered weekly at the Shelter. He had made a connection with a dog named Sami. She was a yellow lab who had come from the Katrina flood. He kept bugging us to bring her home. So we finally did. I went through weekly allergy shots and took two different allergy pills so my kids could have a dog. Sami had a hard time in our house because she did not like kids running, other dogs or men. I had to put her up in our bedroom when we had company. There were a few times she nipped people.

My husband kept saying we needed to bring her back to the shelter. I told him I would ask around to see if anyone would want to take her. Months went by but I finally found another teacher who wanted to meet her. I was so excited. When I got home, I noticed Sami’s runner was not hanging in it’s usual spot. When I went in the house, my husband told me he had brought her back to the shelter. I was so heartbroken! I drove right to the shelter to ask for her. They said I couldn’t see her for ten days! I left the shelter without seeing her. I was an emotional wreck! I didn’t eat or sleep that night. I asked the other teacher if she would meet me at the shelter in the morning so we could convince them to let her meet Sami. They allowed the visit! My teacher friend fell in love with Sami. We both convinced the shelter that Sami would be better off going with my friend. After about an hour, they let Sami go home with her. She thanked me often for sharing such a sweet dog. Sami was the only dog in the house and there were no kids running around!! I was so glad Sami found her forever home!

A Week Long Full of Basketball

One team always left me balloons after their game! My granddaughter loved playing with them!

During every February vacation my husband and I always work at the MPA State Basketball Tournament in Augusta. My husband started working at the tournament in the early 80’s. I started in 1986 right before we got married. Hard to believe it has been 33 years for me! I check in all the teams and referees! My husband takes tickets at the front door!

I started working there so that I could attend games for free with my husband. Each session costs $8 and there were 20 sessions. Every year they let us have our three children there also. Now that our children are married and have their own children, they can attend for free also!

This year I sat and watched 44 girls/boys basketball games! That is a lot of games! I played basketball when I was in school, college and professionally. I know the game of basketball. The talent this year was not very good. I was able to read a couple books while sitting there and also helped a colleague with with some of her National Board paperwork.

Did I mention they offered us a buffet for lunch and dinner every day? I chose not to eat at the buffet so I collected tickets (value of each buffet meal) and gave them away to family, friends and even to an adorable older couple who attended all the games. They could eat at the buffet or use the ticket at the concession stand. I always brought my own lunch because I choose to eat a low carb diet!

I’m not sure how many more years we will continue to work the games! Our oldest grandchild is 8 so we may stay working until he graduates high school!!

Book Study

I am beginning a book study with some Pre K – 1st grade staff right after conference week March 22nd! The book is called

I am looking forward to learning more about handling challenging behaviors in the classroom. Taking the time to read and reflect on students and their behaviors with some of my colleagues will help me be more aware of why a student may be acting the way they are.

Every year there is always one or two challenging students that I need support with. No two students are ever alike. Behaviors are different from the past. I think kids are spending more time sitting in front of a tv or screen and don’t get enough time just having conversations (listening and responding appropriately). I am looking forward to reading this book with some of my colleagues!

Scholastic Monthly Book Sponsors

At the beginning of the school year, I asked friends and family if they would be interested in sponsoring a student or two in my classroom for a new book monthly. That meant donating $9 for a student to receive one new book per month from our Scholastic Book Club for the whole school year.

Within a few hours on social media, I had all my students sponsored! I love seeing the faces of my students when they see the book order box on my teacher table. They can’t wait to open the box to see what new book they will be getting. The last book they received was called Old MacDino Had a Farm. Perfect for first graders!!

I am so appreciative for all my friends and family who helped me out with this project !


Today is the fourth snow day of the year for my husband and I. Two of our grandchildren live with us with our son and his wife so I helped them get dressed to go outside and play in the snow.

Carter is 7 and he made snow angels and then tried rolling snowballs to make a snowman. There were lots of snowballs but no snowman. Ariana is 2 and 1/2. She wanted to be pushed on her swing to go high in the sky as she says.

All three of us made a fort that had a place for Ariana to sit with a path to her brother Carter’s spot to sit. We made the walls about two feet tall with no roof. The kids enjoyed going between the two rooms and sitting!!

What a beautiful day to spend a couple hours outside with the grandchildren!! Snow days are the best!!

Texas Roadhouse

I got to sleep in until 9 am this morning. My husband wanted to go out to lunch. So we made our morning coffee, got dressed and then went out to Texas Roadhouse.

Our son Walker, his wife Ginger and our two grandchildren Carter and Ariana joined us for lunch. The table was filled with hot rolls, a cactus onion, glasses of water, steaks, mashed potatoes, corn, chicken fingers and salads.

The grandchildren enjoyed watching the workers dance and sing happy birthday to a customer while we were there. We watched a little high school state basketball championship game on the big screen tv. Ariana kept getting under the table to play hide and seek. Carter was coloring with his Poppa at the table.

Spending time with family makes me happy. Enjoying a nice lunch together on a sunny Sunday afternoon was perfect!

Sleeping In…?

Saturday mornings are great because I can sleep in! Sleeping in for me is waking up after 9. Thinking about sleeping in makes me very happy.

This morning there is a tap tap on my bedroom door. “Momo, I want to see you”, my two year old granddaughter was at my door and wanted to come in. My son, his wife, step son, daughter, two dogs, two cats and a bunny live with us.

Nothing makes me happier than hearing that little voice call my name. She climbs up in our bed and calls out to Alexia (Echo Dot). She says,” Alexia, play baby shark!” So now at 7:15 am Ariana, my husband and I are jamming to Baby Shark with all the movements!

I truly love sleeping in but spending time with my granddaughter makes me happier even if it is at 7:15 am!! Being a parent is great but being a grandparent is even greater!!